Annual General Meeting

2 November 2018


Annual General Meeting 2018

NACCHO Communique

The new NACCHO Board met for the first time immediately after the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Brisbane on 2 November 2018. The Board requested the Company Secretary provide members with an update on the vote on the new proposed constitution and new Board members.

New Chairperson
NACCHO’s Chairman, John Singer, tendered his resignation on 1 November, the day before the AGM. The new Board thanks John for his contribution as the NACCHO Chairman over the past 12 months.

When the previous Board received the resignation, it appointed Scott Monaghan to the role of Chairperson to manage business through to the conclusion of the AGM. When the new Board met for the first time after the AGM, it fully endorsed the Deputy Chair, Donnella Mills act in the role of Chairperson as set out in the NACCHO constitution.

Constitution reform
The special resolution to adopt a new constitution did not achieve the required 75% at the AGM to come into effect. But members still expressed their commitment to the reform process. The Board will consider the members’ views in the coming months as a matter of high priority.

New members on the Board
At the AGM, four new members were appointed to the new NACCHO Board. From Queensland, we are joined by Gail Wason, CEO of Mulungu Primary Health Care Service in Mareeba and Gary White, Chairman of Goondir Health Service in Dalby. From Victoria, we welcome Michael Graham, CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and Karen Heap, CEO of Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative.

The retiring members are: Adrian Carson and Kieran Chilcott from Queensland; and John Mitchell and Rod Jackson from Victoria. The Board thanks them all for their contribution to NACCHO over the years.

Chris Chenoweth
Company Secretary

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