Dates: Tuesday 6th June – Wednesday 7th June 2017
Location: Pacific Suites, 100 Northbourne Avenue, Braddon

Participants from Affiliates with responsibilities for:

  • ICT-IM/PIRS systems
  • eHealth
  • Data Quality Improvement (CQI);


  • 2 per Affiliate, 1 from each of 2 regional bodies (Kimberley and NE NSW)

Convenor: NACCHO
Contact Person: Dr Robert Starling, NACCHO Chief Information Officer. [mobile: 0411 500 887 email:]


  • An attendance form is below – on notification of attendance NACCHO will book and pay for the Conference facilities and accommodations ONLY at the Pacific Suites, Northbourne Ave.
  • Inter-city (flights), local travel costs and TA to be met by participant’s organisation.

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The Workshop will be a technical working session to address issues and outcomes including:

  • Standing Agenda Items
  • Progress towards 30th June 2017 Census Date for OSR, nKPI and HCP reporting
  • What we know about data requirements for the proposed new funding model for Member Services
  • What are the issues that will face Member Services in the next two years as the Clinical Systems introduce major new products?  Is it time to re-assess which system you are using and plan to change?  Will changing to a new system be more or less of a trauma and expense than going through to a completely new version of an existing system?  How long will it take new systems to stabilise? What are the risks to patients, staff and the organisation?
  • propose beginning checklists for
    • functionality and features for a PIRS for the future as components of joined-up health care and wellness
    • ICT infrastructure
    • data security
    • fail overs
    • change and adoption of
      • new user interfaces
      • workflows
      • decision support tools
      • realtime reporting
      • changes in management processes
    • costs of change
      • data conversion
      • licensing
      • support
      • staff training
      • management training
  • Contingencies for data continuity for CQI programs and PSDA cycles
  • Linking PATCATs for summary reporting and improvements in consistency across Member Services for regional needs analyses, putting ACCHOs first.

REGISTRATION FORM for accommodation and special dietary requirements


Organisation Name
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Accommodation Required for the night of Tuesday 6th June
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Whether you are willing to share 2 bedroom 2 bathroom accommodation
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