NACCHO Ochre Day 2017 Resources

  • Welcome to Country- Richard Fejo

    Welcome to country performed by Richard Fejo of the Larrakia Nation on whose land the meeting took place PDF

  • StrongBala- Wurli-Wurlinjang

    Wurli-Wurlinjang Health Service has been providing the male health service “StrongBala” succesfully for over 15 years PDF

  • Deadly Choices- Joseph Knuth

    Danila Dilba health worker Joseph Knuth reviews the Deadly Choices campaign PDF

  • Danilba Dilba Men's Clinic- David Adams

    David Adams Outlines Danila Dilba’s Men’s Clinic and whats it’s achieved PDF

  • Men's Sexual Health- James Ward

    Associate Professor James Ward of South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute explores the topic of indigenous men’s sexual health PDF

  • Danielle Dyall, Sarah Haythornthwaite & Tony Lee

    Danielle Dyall, Sarah Haythornthwaite & Tony Lee discuss the concept of trauma informed care with specific reference to inter-generational trauma PDF

  • Male Anger and Safe Spaces- Jack Bulman

    Jack Bulman Mibbinbah CEO discusses male safe spaces to address anger issues PDF

  • Royal Comission into Youth Detention and Child Protection- Olga Havnen

    Danila Dilba Health Service CEO Olga Havnen presents on recent issues regarding Youth Detention and Child Support in the Northern Territories PDF

  • The Role of a Counsellor- Paul Fong

    Danila Dilba psychologist and counsellor Paul Fong outlines the role of a counsellor in the indigenous male community PDF

  • Healing Circles- Brad Hart

    These slides were not presented due to timing issues however, Brad Hart of KWY Familiy Services and Consultancy intended to lead discussion and a workshop on the importance of sharing and communication PDF

  • Tackling Indigenous Smoking- Tom Calma

    Professor Tom Calma presents on the dangers and solution regarding Indigenous smoking PDF

  • Jaydon Adams Memorial Dinner

    The Jaydon Adams Memorial Dinner held each year sees the Jaydon Adams Memorial Prize given to a young aboriginal male who has made an outstanding contribution to their work and to the well-being of their wider community PDF

  • The Health and Formation of Aboriginal Adolescent Males- Stuart McMinn

    Stuart McMinn from Interrelate presents his compelling program for Indigenous adolescent male social and emotional well-being PDF

  • Male Suicide in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Men: What Do We Know?- Glenn Poole & Nick Espie

    Australian Men’s Health Forum Development Officer Glenn Poole and Indigenous Lawyer Nick Espie talk over indigenous male suicide from a clinical and institutional perspective PDF

  • The Enemy Within- Joe Williams

    Former NRL player and Professional Boxer Joe Williams shares his story of adversity and recovery PDF

  • Nicotine Addiction- Nathan Rigney

    Nathan Rigney of Cancer Council South Australia presents a details analysis of nicotine adiction PDF

  • Local and State based Health Strategy- Mick Adams

    Discussion and group work led by Dr Mick Adams inquired into existing and future local and state based indigenous male health strategies PDF

  • Indigenous Male Health Strategy

    Brainstorm led by Dr Mick Adams concerning future directions of indigenous male health strategies PDF

  • National Indigenous Male Health Strategy

    These slides were not presented due to timing issues, however these questions were proposed to incite discussion on a national indigenous male health strategy PDF

Workshop Material

Suicide Prevention

The results of the workshop can be found here PDF

National Strategy

The results of the workshop can be found here PDF

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