Ear and Health Workforce Project

Shape the National Reform of Aboriginal Health

The project commenced in July 2010 under Phase 1 & 2.  The accredited training resources for the 3 units were developed by NACCHO’s Course Advisory Group that included a group of ear health experts. The accredited training was piloted at three sites, Sydney, Brisbane and Kalgoorlie.  Over 145 AHWs received ear health equipment training at two national professional training days.   The ear health care training manual and kit was launched in March 2011 by the Hon Minister Peter Garrett AM, MP.

As part of Phase 3, a national summit was held to consult with key stakeholders on the agreed ear health model.  Interested members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Registered Training Organised National Network (ATSIHRTONN) will deliver the National Aboriginal Ear and Hearing Health Skill Set during 2012-2013.  During this period, the training will be evaluated.

Duration of Project

Phase 3 & 4 to June 2013


The aim of Phase and Phase 4 is to establish a sustainable model for the ongoing national delivery of the accredited National ear and hearing health skill set for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workforce that is supported by evaluation evidence.

The anticipated outcomes will include:

  • A sector-supported and sustainable good practice model for ongoing delivery of the National Ear and Hearing Health Skill Set on a national basis.
  • Strengthened capacity of Aboriginal RTOs to provide accredited ear and hearing health training so it is accessible to the AHW Workforce across all jurisdictions.
  • Effective and sustainable training



Funding body

Australian Government, Department of Health & Ageing

Reference group

For Phase 3 & 4, NACCHO has established a Project Advisory Group.  Members are from the ATSIHRTONN, ACCHS and National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Association and NACCHO.


A National Symposium was held in 2010.

NACCHO partnered with OMOZ for the 2012 OMOZ-NACCHO Otitis Media Conference held in Fremantle in May 2012.


Training opportunities 2012-2013

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4-13 December 2012 Cairns Block 2

4-15 March 2013 Bundaberg Block 1 (Block 2  17-28 June )

8-19 April 2013 (Block 2) Adelaide

29 April to 3 May 2013 VACCHO Block 1 (Block 2 13-17 May 2013)

27 May to 7 June 2013 Alice Springs

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Project team/contact

National Coordinator:     
Tricia Elarde

Project Support Officer:   
Teletha Williams

Administrative Officer:   
Amanda Allan