Aboriginal people enjoy quality of life through whole-of-community self-determination and individual spiritual, cultural, physical, social and emotional well-being. Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands.

NACCHO is the national peak body for Aboriginal health. It is entrusted to represent the needs and interests of Aboriginal health on behalf of its members in the national arena.

It supports State and Territory peak Aboriginal Community Controlled Health bodies – its affiliates – to do this at a jurisdictional level, and works collectively with them to address shared concerns on a national basis.

NACCHO has and continues to be a living embodiment of the aspirations of Aboriginal communities and their struggle for self-determination.

NACCHO and the community controlled comprehensive primary health care services who are its members are enduring examples of community initiated and controlled solutions to the deep-rooted social, political and economic conditions that prevail in many Aboriginal communities and need to be addressed along with the delivery of essential health care. In the contemporary context they represent the only truly effective and culturally valid mode of delivering effective and sustainable primary health care services to Aboriginal Peoples.




Our constitutional objectives

NACCHO’s long-term objectives as an organisation are defined within its Constitution.

  • To alleviate poverty within the Aboriginal community;
  • The advancement of Aboriginal spirituality ;
  • To provide constructive educational programs for Members of the Aboriginal community; and
  • To deliver holistic and culturally appropriate health and health related services to the Aboriginal community.

Our guiding principles

NACCHO’s guiding principles are based on the Ways Forward Report (Swan & Raphael 1995).

They are:

  • The National Aboriginal Health Strategy (1989) definition of health;
  • The Aboriginal concept of health as holistic;
  • The right to self-determination;
  • The impact of history in trauma and loss;
  • The need for cultural understanding;
  • The recognition of human rights;
  • The impact of racism and stigma on Aboriginal People’s lives;
  • The recognition of the centrality of kinship;
  • The recognition of diverse communities and different needs;
  • The strengths of Aboriginal Peoples;
  • The right to have universal access to basic health care;
  • The need for high quality health care services; and
  • The need for equitable funding for health care.

NACCHO is only as strong as the participation of its Members and Affiliates. Thus two-way feedback, advice and support from our Members and Affiliates are implicit in all we do.

Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders have different cultures and histories and in many instances different needs. Nevertheless, both groups are affected by the problems that face them as unique Australians. The differences must be acknowledged and may need to be addressed by locally developed, specific strategies.








Our values

NACCHO’s core values are embedded in the following:

  • Aboriginal Community Control;
  • An holistic, comprehensive Primary Health Care approach;
  • A ground-up approach to planning, policy development and implementation;
  • Aboriginal cultural integrity;
  • Co-ordinated and integrated activity;
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances;
  • Proactive and responsible action;
  • Respect and loyalty;
  • Equity; and
  • Quality.