Governance Charter

NACCHO is committed to a lawful, efficient, prudent and ethical organisation producing effective outcomes, where everyone who plays a part clearly understands what is expected of them.

It helps if these expectations are written down and have been agreed by the NACCHO board, following consultation with the Secretariat, and where appropriate, other stakeholders.

This NACCHO Governance Charter is intended to provide an introduction to the “way we do things” at National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO).

Governance Charter (Download)

It brings together in one place all the governance policies – ‘rules’ – that the board as a whole has agreed on and that have resulted from Board decisions which are considered ongoing and important to record as procedures and that they consider necessary for the internal control and proper governance of the

In essence it forms the organisation’s policy framework to control the situations, actions and behaviours of everyone in the organisation by clearly articulating who is responsible for what, who they are accountable to and the authorities and constraints each person is to work within.

While it is acknowledged that good governance is an important component of a successful organisation, it is also recognised that it is contingent upon the context in which it is practiced.

Therefore, governance policies need to be documented in the form of a Governance Charter. The Governance Charter establishes the guidelines within which directors and officers are to operate as they carry out their respective roles and documents the policies upon which the Board has decided to meet its legal and other responsibilities.

This charter contains much important (often mandatory) information and procedures to ensure that NACCHO complies  with funding and legal responsibilities.