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AH-AHIn 2015 NACCHO TV engaged a production team to record and edit interviews with Aboriginal health leaders and community members in approx. 20 urban, rural and remote locations throughout all states and territories of Australia.

The series of interviews will engage and educate the viewer with valuable insight into the personal and professional health journeys of our 302 ACCHO clinics. This project has been developed to allow Aboriginal people across the country to share their views, dreams, aspirations and thoughts relating to the importance of Aboriginal Health In Aboriginal Hands for healthy futures.

At each site NACCHO TV recorded video featuring interviews with the board, CEO, medical, Aboriginal Health Workers, Health Promotion Teams and community members.

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Aboriginal Health Workers

Community Members

Wayne Quilliam award winning Aboriginal photographer was appointed Creative Director to record videos and still photographs with Yale MacGillivray a young Aboriginal woman appointed Managing Editor for the project. Colin Cowell NACCHO media consultant was the producer . The original pilot and Redfern AMS was produced by NITV.

All 300 (approx.) full interviews will eventually be available for viewing on NACCHO TV YouTube channel and website (subject to members and interviewee approval) and videos and photographs will be available to each NACCHO participating member service for websites and community CDS etc.

Once edited down into a 30 minute format all 20 episodes will be made available to NITV and other Aboriginal media groups for broadcast and other projects All Interviews footage will also be available for specialist educational video compilations for governance, management, doctors, Aboriginal Health Worker etc.

For further information contact

Colin Cowell Project Consultant
ph: 0401 331 251
email: nacchonews@naccho.org.au