8 September, 2021

Polly Sumner-Dodd

Polly Sumner-Dodd is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Ltd (AHCSA).

Now retired, Polly was the Chief Executive Officer of Nunkuwarrin Yunti of SA Inc. for over 30 years. Polly advocates strongly for Aboriginal community control, self-management and self-determination.

Polly has participated on a wide and varied range of Committees and Board Memberships, including the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO), Aboriginal Sobriety Group, Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement, Women’s Legal Service, Pharmacy Board SA and the Women’s Art Movement, to name a few.

Polly’s involvement with AHCSA has spanned more than 38 years, beginning with the Aboriginal Health Organisation (AHO). The AHO underwent major transformations, giving birth to the Aboriginal Health Council of SA and more importantly, moving to Aboriginal community control.

Polly believes that ongoing improvement to the health and well-being of all members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community is both pivotal and crucial if we are to reach and maintain a quality of life equal to that of the wider community.