2020 NACCHO Youth Conference, Annual Members' Conference and Annual General Meeting - IMPORTANT UPDATE

Given the recent reverses in Victoria and other jurisdictions with COVID-19 and the reintroduction of some travel restrictions and health orders, we have decided to push the dates back for the youth conference, members' conference and EGM/AGM, to buy as much time as possible so that we have the best chance of holding these events, face-to-face.

They will now be held in Perth in the week commencing 14 December 2020.

National Members’ Conference 2019

This years, NACCHO Members' Conference focused on the theme -

Because of them we must: improving health outcomes for people aged 0-29 years.

We had chosen this focus because we know that investing in the health and wellbeing of our babies, children and young people can help prevent ill health, disease and disability. Strong investment in this age group will help them to thrive, help them build strong and healthy families and communities, and help to positively influence their future health outcomes and life expectancy measures.

Because of them we must provides an opportunity to place our future generations at the forefront of our discussions, to hear about the innovative work that is happening in our community controlled and other sectors, to exchange ideas and share our knowledge.

For more information, send an email to conference@naccho.org.au

Members’ Conference resources


Resources available for members from NACCHOs National Members' Conference 2019.