NACCHO Policy Position Paper: Housing for Aboriginal Health

Ethan Frenchdownloads, Feature, NACCHO Submission

Housing is a key determinant of health. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face a range of issues that prevent them from accessing housing that is affordable, adequate, safe and sustainable. Overcrowding is increasingly prevalent, making household members further susceptible to the burden of disease, psychological distress and other health and wellbeing issues.[1] The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of the importance of housing for maintaining health and slowing and stopping the spread of disease. Significant Australian, State and Territory Government leadership and investment is urgently needed to Improve housing and health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

[1] Shanaka, H., Bentley, R. (2017). Crowding, housing and health: An exploratory study of Australian cities. Accessed 24/1/2020.