Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Engagement on Closing the Gap
Changing the way governments work

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled Coalition of Peaks, in partnership with governments, led an engagement process across the country in 2019.  The Coalition of Peaks has released the Coalition of Peaks Community Engagement Snapshot, a high-level summary of what was heard during the engagements on a new national agreement on Closing the Gap.  

Face-to-face meetings showed strong support for the reform priorities developed by the Coalition of Peaks, validated by the online survey findings of more than 90 per cent support for all three:

  1. Developing formal partnerships between government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on Closing the Gap
  2. Growing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled services
  3. Improving mainstream service delivery

Based on what we heard in the engagements, the Coalition of Peaks have now proposed to governments the development of local data projects, led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, as a fourth reform priority. 

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A comprehensive report on the engagements is being finalised and will be made public as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone that supported and participated in the face to face meetings and responded to the online survey. The Coalition of Peaks has listened and is now working so that governments also hear your voice and put the priority reforms at the heart of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap.

You can access information on the community engagements here:

You can also access the information used to for the community engagements and read about the work of the Coalition of Peaks.

Consultation and participation in decision making should be done by Aboriginal people appointed by Aboriginal people. Once a decision is made a bunch of apples requested from the community shouldn’t rollout as water melons as it passes through the process”                                                                                             

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