ACCHO Pharmacist Leadership Group

In 2017, NACCHO convened an ACCHO Pharmacist Leadership Group with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, consisting of pharmacists working with ACCHOs across Australia. The Group meets regularly and provides expertise on a wide range of topic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medicines issues.

The Group’s inaugural meeting took place at the NACCHO annual conference on Wednesday 1 November 2017 in Canberra and has since involved quarterly teleconferences and an annual face to face meeting.

Committee members consist of pharmacist representatives from every State and Territory who provide peer support, advocacy and input into key medicines-related policy items for NACCHO and PSA.

NACCHO 2017 Conference attendees of the NACCHO-PSA ACCHO Pharmacist Leadership

Back, left to right:   Sophie Lawson (NACCHO), Gina Adams (Pika Wiya), Chastina Heck (Logan Hospital), Mike Stephens (NACCHO), Chris Braithwaite (Galambila), Himali Kaniyal (PSA), Tinu Abraham (Victorian Aboriginal Health Service), Lucky Zeniou (Institute for Urban Indigenous Health).

Front, left to right: Hannah Mann (Kimberly Pharmacy Services), Joanna Martin (Kimberly Aboriginal Medical Service), Alice Nugent (Marathon Health).