9 April, 2020

COVID-19 Medicines and Pharmacy Update April 9, 2020

Interim arrangement for prescriptions for supply of medicines update 9 April, 2020

As the Australian Government works towards fast tracking electronic prescribing during the COVID-19 pandemic, an interim arrangement has been put into place to allow patients to access prescription medicines from their pharmacy when they are confined to their home.   

Under this Special Arrangement:

  • The prescriber (e.g. a GP) will still write or print a signed prescription (which can be done during a telehealth consultation)
  • The GP can then create a clear digital copy (e.g. a photo or pdf) of the entire prescription to send on to the patient’s pharmacy of choice via email, text message or fax
  • The pharmacy can deliver or post the medicines to the patient’s home*
  • Patients can receive their PBS medicines without needing to sign the script
  • If the patient prefers to receive the legal paper prescription this can be sent in the post allowing for a family member or friend to obtain the medicine from the pharmacy of choice
  • The Arrangement does not include schedule 8 or 4D medicines

For more information, please see Fact Sheets below for:

NOTE: Prescribers and pharmacists must also consider their relevant state, territory and national laws related to prescriptions and dispensing.  

*Please check with your local pharmacy on what arrangements they can offer