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Indigenous Australians' Health Programme - Closing the Gap – Major Capital Works Program – Round 2 (National)

The Closing the Gap Major Capital Program provides funding to deliver both new and renovated health clinics, and associated housing for health professionals.

The format will be very similar to Round One with a two staged process:

  • Stage One – Expression of Interest.
    All applicants will be required to submit an EOI and address the assessment criteria set out in the Grant Opportunity Guidelines. Once submitted EOIs will be assessed and shortlisted for progressing through to the Application stage.
  • Stage Two – Applications.
    Following a successful EOI submission, those organisations invited to make application. The application stage will require applicants to provide detailed technical information about their projects in order for its viability to appropriately assessed.

For Round Two, $70 million will be available and further information will be provided in coming weeks.

Locations: National

Opens: TBA 2023

Closes: TBA 2023

Grant Type: Health/Infrastructure

Max. Grant: $15 million

Co-contribution: Not Specified yet

Eligibility: Only ACCHSs delivering primary health care are eligible to apply under this Grant Opportunity.

Eligible organisations will be listed at Appendix A of the grant opportunity guidelines.

Agency: Department of Health and Aged Care

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Strengthening Rural Communities – Rebuilding Rural Communities Round 19

This program gives small remote, rural and regional communities across Australia the opportunity to access funds for a broad range of initiatives that directly and clearly benefit local communities. Recognising the impacts of COVID-19 on communities, the Australian Government has partnered with The Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal (FRRR) to distribute $5 million from 2022 to 2024 to support community-led initiatives. The objectives of the program are to:

  • Enhance the process of recovery of remote, rural and regional communities from the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Reduce social isolation and foster stronger, more resilient remote, rural and regional communities; and/or
  • Sustain local remote, rural and regional organisations and their work.

Locations: National (regional/remote)

Opens: 8 September 2023

Closes: 2 October 2023

Grant Type: Community

Max. Grant: $50,000.

Co-contribution: Unspecified

Eligibility: Not-for-profit organisation with either an Incorporation Certificate and/or an ABN – project must benefit communities in remote, rural or regional Australia.

Agency: The Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal

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Cultural Grants Program Round 3 – (NSW Only)

Supports Aboriginal community organisations across NSW to celebrate Aboriginal culture and hold key cultural events and activities. The AANSW Cultural Grants Program objective are to:

  • Support Aboriginal communities strengthen, protect, and maintain traditional and contemporary expressions of Aboriginal culture
  • Support key contemporary Aboriginal cultural events and activities
  • Contribute to Aboriginal community wellbeing and healing, through the use of Aboriginal culture and community connection
  • Facilitate sharing of Aboriginal cultural knowledge and skills between generations.

Locations: New South Wales

Opens: 28 August 2023

Closes: 9 October 2023

Grant Type: Capacity Building

Max. Grant: $20,000

Co-contribution: Unspecified

Eligibility: NSW Only – Eligible organisations must be Aboriginal-owned and controlled

Agency: Aboriginal Affairs NSW

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Territory Aboriginal Investment Corporation (NTAIC) Grants Program (NT Only)

The purpose of the NTAIC Grants Program is to promote self-determination and economic self-sufficiency of Aboriginal people living in the NT and to promote their social and cultural wellbeing. The NTAIC Grants Program aims to ensure:

  • Funding is provided to Aboriginal people in the NT.
  • NTAIC Grants maximise strategic opportunities and drive economic, social and cultural outcomes.

There are two streams – General Grants and Innovation Grants.

Locations: NT

Opens: Always open

Closes: See agency website for funding round timings

Grant Type: Various

Max. Grant:

General Grants – $500,000 per year (up to $1.5 million over three years).

Innovation Grants – $10 million

Co-contribution: Not specified

Eligibility: Indigenous Organisations in the NT.

Agency: NTAIC

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Justice Reinvestment in Central Australia Program – Round 1 (NT Only)

The intended outcomes of this grant opportunity are:

  • Community-led crime prevention in Central Australia to reduce contact with the criminal justice system and incarceration rates of First Nations adults and young people, in line with Closing the Gap Targets 10 and 11.
  • Contributing to strengthened community supports, treatments and diversionary measures for drug and alcohol use and addiction in Central Australia.

Contributing to building a strong and sustainable First Nations community-controlled sector delivering high quality services to meet the needs of First Nations people in Central Australia.

Locations: NT


14 September 2023 for assessment cycle 1

12 October 2023 for assessment cycle 2


12 October 2023 for assessment cycle 1

7 December 2023 for assessment cycle 2

Grant Type: Community/Justice

Max. Grant: $4.75 million over four years.

Co-contribution: Not specified

Eligibility: Community-led initiative must be based in the Central Australia area in the Northern Territory, as described by the Northern Territory government.

Agency: Attorney-General’s Department

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Community Benefit Fund - Vehicle Gifts (NT only)

Enables eligible organisations in the Northern Territory to purchase surplus ex-government vehicles. This program aims to improve the capacity of not-for-profit organisations to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities to Northern Territorians.

Locations: NT

Opens: 1 July 2023

Closes: 31 August 2023

Grant Type: Community Support

Max. Grant: Not specified

Co-contribution: Not specified

Eligibility: Northern Territory Only. Must be a NT based non-profit community organisation.

Agency: NT Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade

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Noongar Charitable Trust (WA Only)

Aims to support projects run by Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations which offer a direct and noticeable benefit to the Noongar community.

Locations: WA

Opens: N/A

Closes: 20 October 2023

Grant Type: Community

Max. Grant: $100,000

Co-contribution: Not specified

Eligibility: Grants will be made to incorporated, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations that are based and delivered within Noongar Community

Agency: Noongar Charitable Trust

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Information, Linkages and Capacity Building – Social and Community Participation 2023-24

Funding of up to $50 million will be available to deliver one-off, time-limited activities to support people with disability, their families and carers to participate, contribute and benefit from mainstream community activities including arts, culture, sport and recreation. The intended outcomes of the SCP stream are people with disability, their families and carers:

  • have greater opportunities to participate and contribute in the community; and
  • have increased accessibility to, and inclusion in, communities.

Locations: National

Opens: 25 August 2023

Closes: 6 October 2023

Grant Type: Disability Support

Max. Grant: $2 million over two years.

Co-contribution: Unspecified

Eligibility: Various, including Indigenous Corporations.

Agency: Department of Social Services

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Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisation Grant Fund Round 2 – (SA only)

Funded projects will build the capability and capacity of ACCOs to provide services and/or establish new initiatives that contribute to Closing the Gap.

Projects should also strengthen one or more of the four priority sectors currently identified in the National Agreement (Early childhood care and development, Housing, Heath, and Disability).

Round two is open to eligible ACCOs based in regional or remote SA or in Adelaide but providing services to regional or remote communities, or those in partnership with ACCOs in regional or remote SA.

Locations: South Australia

Opens: 28 August 2023

Closes: 9 October 2023

Grant Type: Capacity Building

Max. Grant: $150,000

Co-contribution: Unspecified

Eligibility: South Australian ACCCOs

Agency: SA Attorney-General’s Department

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Additional Respite for Carers – Round 3 (Vic Only)

Supports organisations to deliver flexible respite for unpaid carers, particularly in regional Victoria, for 2 years from 2023 through to 30 June 2025. Through this funding, the Victorian Government aims to increase the reach and accessibility of respite for carers across the state, particularly for carers in regional and rural Victoria and for carers from diverse communities.

The department encourages organisations to partner together to increase the range of respite services, including those that support:

– Carers in rural and regional areas

– Carers from diverse and multicultural backgrounds

– First Nations carers and communities.

Innovative approaches to service delivery with flexibility and creativity are encouraged.

Locations: Victoria

Opens: 18 September 2023

Closes: 29 September 2023

Grant Type: Community

Max Grant: Unspecified – Applicants must apply for at least $30,000 funding each year (minimum $60,000 across the two financial years).

Co-contribution: Unspecified

Eligibility: Various – including Aboriginal community-controlled organisations.

Agency: VIC Department of Families, Fairness & Housing

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Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS): Support for Community Sector Organisations (National)

NIAA has been allocated $190 million over four years (2022-23 to 2025-26), to support Community Sector Organisations (CSOs) already receiving an Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) grant for an eligible activity. The purpose of this funding is to support these organisations at need of funding supplementation due to additional staff wages pressures and high inflations rates.

Locations: National

Opens: 12 May 2023

Closes: 30 June 2026

Grant Type: CSO Support

Max. Grant: Unspecified

Co-contribution: Variable – see section 3.1 of Guidelines

Eligibility: Complex – see sections 2 and 4 of the guidelines. The additional funding is only to be provided to CSOs which were already receiving an IAS grant when the measure was announced, and which may be managing financial sustainability issues as a result of the Fair Work Commission’s minimum wage decision and/or higher inflation outcomes.

Agency: National Indigenous Australians Agency

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Youpla Group Funeral Benefits Program

The program addresses the urgent need to allow families with deceased loved ones who were insured under a Youpla Group funeral expenses policy to mourn and conduct Sorry Business with the dignity that had been intended. The program will pay a grant in place of a funeral benefit that would otherwise have been paid in response to the death of a person covered by a Youpla Group policy, where the policy was active on or after 1 April 2020, prior to the Youpla Group’s collapse.

Locations: NSW

Opens: 7 September 2023

Closes: 30 November 2023

Grant Type: Funeral Expenses Targeted

Max. Grant: $20,000

Co-contribution: Not specified


To be eligible you must be the expected recipient of a funeral benefit of a Youpla Group policy, where the policy:

  • was active on or after 1 April 2020 and
  • insures the life of another person (the nominee) and that other person has died.

Agency: The Treasury Department

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Rural Procedural Grants Program (National)

This program aims to support procedural GPs who work in rural and remote areas to:

  • improve or extend current skill levels
  • ensure they have the skills to provide high-quality services
  • comply with the professional development requirements of their GP college.

This helps ensure people in rural and remote areas have access to highly skilled health professionals. Helps cover the cost of professional development for procedural general practitioners (GPs) who work in rural and remote areas. The RPGP provides grants of up to $32,000 to rural GPs and locums who provide procedural services. This helps with the cost of attending continuing professional development activities, to maintain or increase their procedural and emergency medicine skills (including emergency mental health).

Locations: National

Opens: Always open

Closes: N/A

Grant Type: Health

Max. Grant: $32,000

Co-contribution: Not specified

Eligibility: Must be a GP working in a MMM 3-7 region. Please see section 6 of the Guidelines.

Agency: Department of Health and Aged Care

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Disaster Recovery Quick Response Grants (National)

Assists any Indigenous corporation whose property has been directly affected by a declared natural disaster, such as a flood, bushfire, or cyclone.

The funding can be used for immediate clean up your property, work to make your property safe and purchase plant and equipment to assist with recovery efforts.

Please note: the funding does not cover repair and replacement of items that are covered under existing insurance policies unless there is a clear and urgent health and safety risk to humans and livestock or any work that has already occurred.

Locations: National

Opens: Always open

Closes: N/A

Grant Type: Health

Max. Grant: $20,000

Co-contribution: Unspecified

Eligibility: Indigenous corporations (incorporated) may be eligible for assistance through the program if:

  • Their property is within a State or Territory declared natural disaster area.
  • They require immediate assistance to make their property safe to access.

Agency: Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation

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