30 October, 2023

Health Promotion Officer – Immunisation

The Ord Valley Aboriginal Health Service has been providing critical health and support services to local Aboriginal people since 1984. Our ambition is to deliver socially, culturally, and financially accessible health care that supports communities in the North-East Kimberley to be strong, healthy and safe. The organisation operates on the foundational pillars of Aboriginal leadership, self-determination and cultural diversity that underpin and shape the way the organisation conducts its business.

The Health Promotion Officer – Immunisation plays a crucial role in promoting and ensuring the health and well-being of the Aboriginal community through effective immunization and vaccination strategies. This role involves planning, coordinating, and implementing immunisation programs while respecting the cultural and community-specific considerations of the Aboriginal population of the Ord Valley. The Health Promotion Officer will collaborate closely with healthcare professionals, community leaders, and stakeholders to raise awareness, provide education, and facilitate access to immunisation and vaccination services.

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander persons are strongly encouraged to apply.