25 May, 2022

Medical Practitioner

This position is required to provide competent patient centered care that addresses the health needs and promotes wellness. Such care is to be based on the latest evidence-based guidelines and meet legislative and registration requirements. The role will;

 – Work within program guidelines, work plan and funding agreements;

 – Provide appropriate care and documentation as per medical registration and policies and procedures of the service;

 – Be responsible for maintaining current insurances, medical registration and Quality Improvement and Continuing Professional Development Program (QI&CDP) credit points;

 – Provide medical health care services to clients, both on site, at outreach GP clinics and in-home visits as required, focusing on their health care needs, providing health assessments, diagnosis and treatments to develop and implement health care plans and wellness;

 – Participate in health promotional programs, health education and other tasks appropriate to a primary health care setting;

 – Conduct health assessments, including health check’s, team care arrangements and management plans and link clients with culturally appropriate primary health care, allied health and specialist services needed to assist with the management of conditions;  Ordering diagnostic tests as needed, checking, and informing clients of results in a timely manner;

 – Refer clients appropriately to other health services and providers if their needs exceed the range of care able to be provided by the service;

 – Provide supervision of practice team members as delegated and within scope and guidance and support to registrar’s, nurses, midwives and Aboriginal Health Workers/Practitioners;

– Support and assist clients to develop an understanding of their chronic illness or medical issues and its day to day management promoting lifestyle medicine and wellness;