10 May, 2019

NACCHO CEO Pat Turners special debate on ABC’s ‘The Drum’

In a special #Election2019 Health episode of the Drum broadcast on 9 May the expert panel discussed of Health how we can best promote equitable outcomes in our health system, Indigenous health #VoteACCHO and community controlled organisations, private health insurance and policy

Ellen Fanning was joined by CEO of NACCHO Pat Turner, co-director at UTS Brain & Mind Centre Prof. Ian Hickie, Health Report host Dr Norman Swan, director of UoN Dept of Rural Health Dr Jenny May AM, & Health Programme director at the Grattan Institute Stephen Duckett “

TOP 10 Social media coverage of the event included

1. ACCHO’s have 50 years experience

“We are nearly 50 years old in delivering this service model. Our oldest health service is just down the road in Redfern. We began that almost 50 years ago. We have incredible experience here, yet we keep banging our heads up against the brick wall.” Pat Turner

2. Funding

“The health needs in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are so great, but no government has ever funded it to the level that it should.” Pat Turner

3. Life expectancy

“The life expectancy gap between our people and other Australians is widening. The reason is non-Aboriginal Australians are living longer. The funding for Aboriginal community controlled health services has been kept flat with no increase to speak of.” Pat Turner

4. Burden of disease

“The burden of disease is 2.3 times higher than other Australians. That is made up of things like mental health, substance abuse issues, accounting for some 19%. Injuries including suicide 15%. Cardiovascular disease is 12%.” Pat Turner on Indigenous health

5. Dr Norman Swan talks about ACCHO Efficiency

“Many of the Aboriginal Medical Services are run very well as businesses. They are not-for-profit, but they are run incredibly efficiently. Not a dollar leaks. The money that they have in excess is reinvested in the sort of services that people want.” Norman Swan

6. Remote ACCHO Services

“Geography is the added disadvantage to Pat’s cultural disadvantage. What you see is a gradient of health outcome and your health outcomes become more compromised, the more remote you go.” Dr Jenny May

7. ACCHO Holistic Health

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a holistic view of health. It is not just when you are feeling sick you go and see a doctor. It is about your health and wellbeing is your spiritual, your mental, your physical wellbeing in total.” Dr Jenny May

8. Feedback NRHA

9. Feedback about IUIH ACCHO

10. Feedback from Fran Baum