12 August, 2020

NACCHO National Survey – Managing Medicines in ACCHOs

In response to member feedback, NACCHO is conducting a project to understand how medicines are managed and stocked within ACCHO clinics. Using this information, we hope to develop a National Formulary Guidelines for ACCHOs.  The Guidelines will aim to support ACCHOs in the development of a local formulary (or list) of medicines to stock and prescribe that best suits their community needs and aligns with current best practice for medicines governance and use. This will support a sustainable and consistent approach to Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) and access to medicines in ACCHOs.

What are we asking from you?

NACCHO is conducting a short survey of ACCHOs and we are inviting any interested staff, including ACCHO managers, clinical and administrative staff to complete the survey.  This online survey is one of four components of the Formulary Project and more than one representative from an ACCHO may complete the survey.

We would appreciate you and/or your staff taking part in the short survey by clicking here.

If you could please complete the survey by COB Monday 24 August 2020.

Within the survey, there is an option to participate in a follow up in-depth verbal interview at a later stage.

We welcome your participation in this survey and appreciate your valuable time and knowledge, which we believe will have a positive impact on medicines use and health outcomes in our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.