Whistleblower protection policy

As a Company Limited by Guarantee, NACCHO is governed by the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) and as such is required to have a Whistleblower Protection Policy (WPP) in place to inform its officers, employees and members of what are Disclosable Conduct/Matters andhow these can be reported.

This policy helps NACCHO identify wrongdoing and creates a culture that encourages people to speak up, in a safe and secure environment, to raise breaches of policy or other Disclosable Matters, and serve as an aid to NACCHO’s risk management and corporate governance frameworks.

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Whistleblower report form

This form is for use when reporting a disclosable matter in accordance with NACCHO’s Whistleblower Protection Policy. Reports may be made anonymously. All persons considering making a report are encouraged to read this policy prior to submission of this form.

Please note all reports will be treated IN CONFIDENCE unless NACCHO is required by law to disclose details.