6 May, 2020

COVID-19 Message update from NACCHO CEO Pat Turner – 6 May 2020

“Let’s stand as one and continue being strong, our work is not done!” is the key message to encourage all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to remain steadfast and cautious under relaxed new rules released by the governments.

Pat Turner NACCHO CEO said,“We as a community and a country have responded remarkably in managing the spread of COVID-19! Our work has been good, but our work is not done, and we need to continue following the rules around COVID-19. We cannot afford to stop now. Community transmissions can still grow slowly. We must safeguard ourselves and our people against the spread and continue to keep it away from our friends and families.

“I’m happy to hear that governments are easing some of the COVID-19 restrictions. But we must be sensible in continuing to follow the right guidelines to avoid any chance of a second wave. Now we need to keep it all up more than ever. This is not the point to start relaxing. 

“I want to share with everyone that I have downloaded the COVIDSafe app as soon as it was available. I urge everyone with a mobile phone to do the same. It is free and it could well save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

“It is a way to protect your family and the community from further spread of coronavirus. If you have the app, you will be told as soon as possible if you have been in close contact with someone infected with coronavirus. You can then isolate before developing symptoms, so you don’t pass it on to others.  You will be contacted and advised to get tested as soon as possible.

“I urge everyone to continue to keep good hygiene, with washing our hands for at least 20 seconds and drying them thoroughly, physical distancing, coughing in the elbow, and staying home as far as possible apart from any of the essential needs. All the hard work we have done together so far will all be wasted if we do not safeguard now against a second wave.

“I can assure you that by following these measures and being sensible with these new changes, we are protecting ourselves and keeping our people safe through this pandemic together.”