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Learn about high blood pressure and medicines that can help

Medicines for high blood pressure

Some people need medicine to keep their blood pressure right, even if they’re feeling well.

Here are some common types of medicines for blood pressure. Learn about how your medicine works and how to use it safely.

Learn about depression and what can help

About medicines for depression

There are many things you can do to help depression.

Some people need medicines to help them cope better with worries or sadness.

Learn about how medicines can help you heal and things to know when you’re taking them.

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Learn about using medicines safely

Keeping a medicines list

Some medicines can make you sick when you use them together.

A medicines list can help you and your health worker keep track of your medicines. They can check your medicines are safe to be used together.

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A library of images can be used to help patients understand medications and potential side effects. Add these images to medication lists as required.

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A medicines review in your home

It can be hard to keep track of your medicines.

A medicines review in your home can help make sure they are working well for you.

Find out whether a check of your medicines might be helpful for you and how it works.

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Preparing a medicines list

A medicines list tailored to clients’ and communities’ needs will contribute to informed decision-making about medicines, and improve quality of care when people transition between healthcare providers.

NACCHO Medicines Resources Group and NPS MedicineWise have used available evidence, current guidelines, and practical experience to outline five principles to guide the healthcare industry and professionals in developing medicines lists that are appropriate for use by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

These principles are now available to download as separate pages or as the complete booklet.

Medicines lists for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Single pages

Download PDF


Download PDF

Medicines list templates

A medicines list template has also been prepared, to support quality use of medicines among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their families and healthcare providers.

The Medicine List template is available as a PowerPoint (.pptx) or PDF (.pdf) file. The PowerPoint (.pptx) template can be edited, allowing providers to personalise the list if required. Versions of the template have also been created, with instructions on how to complete the entry fields, including example medicines and images.

Medicine List editable form

See Medicine List instructions

Medicine List PowerPoint template

See Medicine List PowerPoint instructions