1 March, 2019

NACCHO is appalled and perplexed about a non-Aboriginal privately-owned company being granted $1.7 million funding

“The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) is appalled that funding of almost $1.7 million to Redimed was approved by the Federal Aboriginal Health Minister, Ken Wyatt two weeks ago.” Ms Donnella Mills, Acting Chair of NACCHO, said.

“I am totally perplexed [as to] how a non-Aboriginal, privately-owned company, that has no experience whatsoever of working in the delivery of comprehensive primary health to Aboriginal people, can be given a federal government grant of almost $1.7 million.” Ms Mills, said.

“NACCHO strongly believes that any such funding should only be given when there is an open and transparent process. In this case it was not. We already have two well established Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services operating in Perth, Derbal Yerrigan and Moorditj Court, and they would have welcomed the opportunity to apply for that funding.”
she said.

“It is especially concerning that Redimed and its newly created entity, Aboriginal Medical Care 360, was not required to go through the proper normal application process that all our 145 Member Aboriginal Health Services must always do. Where is the clinical accreditation all our organisations must have prior to receiving government funding?” Ms Mills said.

“We trust the Federal Budget will include the much-needed funding of our sector that has repeatedly [been] sought and as is outlined in our pre-budget submission lodged through Treasury in late January this year.” Ms Mills concluded.

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